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How to Teach Your Kids to Play Golf

Golf is one of the few sports wherein families can bond and have quality time together because this can be enjoyed by both sexes and can be played by adults as well as young people. That is why even kids are being encouraged to play this sport. Aside from being an excellent exercise, playing golf also teaches basic development skills like hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness that young children need to aid them in their academic learning.

The first thing to consider in teaching kids to play golf is to give them golf clubs that are best appropriate for their age. There are a lot of sporting stores that offer affordable clubs to children. The golf clubs that you should give them are to be based from their age, height and skill level for them to be able to learn playing golf easier and more fun. You could also give them their own carry-bag to teach them independence, one of the essential values that playing golf promotes.

You could also let the kids watch golf tournaments on TV with you. They don’t have to watch them often, just a few minutes of exposure is usually enough. Through watching these tournaments, they can grasp some important information and techniques that they need to learn about the game. Most children would love to watch the action and follow golf players as they put a ball or two into a hole.

Once kids start showing a keen interest in playing golf, you could personally take them to  a driving range. You can give them a bucket of balls that they can practice on while they learn how to swing their clubs. You could also suggest to them basic grips and show them how to put the ball on the tee. Never forget to remind them that it is not necessary for them to get it right the first time. Golf is about self improvement and they could always have another shot next time. Keep their experience short and memorable. Leave as soon as the kids start to lose interest in playing.

When they are more ready, you can now introduce them to a formal training. You can enroll them at  your local junior golf clinics or have a golf teacher instruct them. Afterwards, you can finally take the kids to a golf course and have them experience playing the real thing. It is recommended that you begin with a cart-ride and when they are prepared, you can go for a hole or two. Eventually you’ll know when they are ready for a more challenging three or nine holes. This is also the best time to instill in them the values of the game such as honesty and integrity.

Start teaching your kids to play golf and have a good and memorable fun with your family. Always remember that even though life is getting busier and noisier, playing golf with your children even for only a few hours makes the time you spend with them worthwhile.


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